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23 - 24 - 25 August 2011

One hour of watching each morning. The mister is a 24/7 constant flow. This is the first time I've ever seen a Painted bunting in my yard at any of the feeders. In the pomegranate tree was her youngster. I'm confident the water is what brought them in as they migrate to Mexico.
Cobra Mist StandBlue jay (juvenile)Blue jay (juvenile) chasing away a White-winged dove~ and .. don't come back no time soon!Painted bunting (female)Painted bunting (female)Painted bunting (female) & Northern cardinal (male)Painted bunting (female)Northern cardinalNorthern cardinalNorthern cardinal - - shower timeNorthern cardinal's delightHiding placeCurrently Unemployed ` No Work in SightLow petunia & Frog fruitMourning doveCarolina chickadeeCarolina chickadeeSome kinda female hummingbirdSee the white tips on the tail feathers?

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