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The Rimrock Trail is 2.2 miles of moderate to difficult hiking that takes you up through the "balconies" and into the juniper and oak habitat that the Black-capped Vireo and Golden-cheeked Warbler need for nesting.

Start your hike at the waypoint marked "Trailhead". Here you'll find a restroom and a few notice boards and interpretive guide holders. The plan was to tackle the harder portion of the loop first. From the trail junction point at the trailhead, head southeast, in the general direction of the hill that overlooks the parking area. The trail crosses a small creek, Doeskin Branch, and then turns to the east with a more direct line uphill. Although parts of the Hill Country can be quite steep in small segments, there are not too many places where one finds switchback trails. Yet here they are. When cresting over the top of the hill the sky opens up as the Cedar gives way to a small prairie. The trail loops around the mesa-like hilltop. A portion of that loop is called the Shin Oak Trail. The trail descends down a few more switchbacks, eventually joining an old jeep trail that was used when the land was a working cattle ranch.

The Rimrock Trail is the most difficult hike at Doeskin and accounts for Doeskin's overall rating. Rewards often accompany work and that's the case here as this particular loop provides the best views and most solitude in the refuge.

The Indiangrass Trail is the latest addition. It is a 1.5 mile back country trail, moderately difficult. The trail head is identified by a sign on a tree.

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