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James E. Banes This deed, made this the first day of December in the year one thousand
eight hundred and eighty three, between James E. Banes, party of the first
part and Norman Brinkley, Charles Riddick, Abram Griffin, Benjamin
To} Deed Wilkins, Brinkley Kelly, James Kelly and Willis W. Skinner, trustees,
parties of the second part, all of Nansemond County and State of Virginia,
Norman Brinkley witnesseth: that for and in consideration of the sum of one dollar
& otr trustees to him in hand paid, the receipt is hereby acknowledged, hath granted
unto the said party of the second part, a certain parcel of land for an
indefinite number of years for the purpose of locating a school
1886 August 27th house on the same, the said trustees to have and to hold said parcel of
Examined, verified land so long as said house erected on the same shall be used as a
and delivered to school house and when said house and buildings shall cease to be
Norman Brinkley used for school purposes, then the said trustees shall have the right to move
trustees or sell said buildings and the said land shall revert back to the said
Peter B. Prentis, Clerk James E. Banes, the said parcel of land bounded as follows: viz;
North by Adam Bridge road, East by James E. Banes, and
South and West by the land of said James E. Banes, containing one acre
with the appertenances belonging thereto, and the said James E. Banes
covenants that he has the right to convey the said land that he has donated,
not to encumber the same, and he will make such further
assurances of the said land as may be requisite.
Witness the following signature and seal

Acknowledged before me this the} James E. Banes {Seal}
first day of Dec 1883 }
E.D. Brinkley J.P }

In the Clerk's Office of Nansemond County Court, the 5th day of January 1884.
This Deed was acknowledged by James E. Banes, and thereupon admitted to

Peter B. Prentis, Clerk

Verbatim extract:
Nansemond Deed Book 12, Page 519
Baines Hill School, Est 1886Baines Hill SchoolOriginal smokehouseBricklayer Thomas Mathias 1899Original Baines home site.ChangeSandy loamPrevious fruit orchard

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Dad the pix are wonderful!! I love the history you included on the Baines Hill School. Thanks for sharing! I love you!
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