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4 - 5 May 2013

Rose-breasted grosbeak, Black-throated sparrow, Black & white warbler, Summer tanager, Pine siskins, Black-crested titmouse, Lark sparrow, White-crowned sparrow, Black-capped vireo, Lazuli bunting, Yellow-breasted chat, Painted bunting, Orchard oriole, Chipping sparrow, Inca dove, White-winged dove, Gray catbird, Yellow-breasted female orchard, Lesser goldfinch, House finch, Indigo bunting, Texas spotted whiptail lizard, Rock squirrel, Brown-headed cowbirds, Spiny soft-shelled turtle,Vermilion flycatcher, Nashville warbler, female Blue grosbeak, Lincoln sparrow, Black & Turkey vulture, Western scrub jay, Field sparrow, Clay-colored sparrow, Chipping sparrow, female Brown-headed cowbird, White-eyed vireo, Orange-crowned warbler, Black-headed grosbeak, Rio Grande turkey
Texas spotted whiptail lizardTexas spotted whiptail lizardBlack-throated sparrowRose-breasted grosbeakRose-breasted grosbeakNorthern cardinalBlack and white warblerBlack and white warblerHouse finch ~ Black and white warblerWhite-crowned sparrowBlack and white warblerPainted buntingEastern fox squirrelLark sparrowPainted buntingPainted buntingPainted buntingPainted buntingPainted bunting

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