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Lower Colorado River Authority

Nearly two miles of paved trails wind through 40 acres of pecan trees and creek frontage. Deer abound and the sounds of a spring-fed creek add to the natural atmosphere of San Saba River Nature Park. Enjoy a picnic under huge, old pecan trees; learn about the region’s history, its early occupants and the artifacts identified at the park; and see remnants from the interpretive areas of the city’s first waterworks still visible in the creek bed. The park also connects with two city parks to increase your outdoor excursion opportunities with walks to adjoining Mill Pond Park and Risien Park.
LCRA has officially handed over operation of the new San Saba River Nature Park to the City of San Saba. LCRA developed the 40-acre park with the agreement that the city would operate and maintain it. LCRA added amenities that include a 1.5-mile hike-and-bike trail, a fishing access area, several historical and archaeological interpretive areas, a wildlife viewing site, parking and restroom facilities. The San Saba River Nature Park links to the existing Risien Park and Mill Pond Park. Watch for future updates about an official grand opening event being planned in the spring. (Don't know the perzact date it opened!)
In 2009, LCRA purchased land to develop the first LCRA-owned park in San Saba County. The LCRA Board of Directors approved the park purchase in San Saba County to help achieve LCRA’s long-term goal of having an LCRA park in each of its 10 statutory counties. San Saba and Blanco counties were the only two of those statutory counties along the Colorado River without an LCRA park for the public. The opening of San Saba River Nature Park brings LCRA just one park away from that original vision of the Colorado River Trail.
Displays located near the interpretive areas include information about the visible remnants of the city’s first waterworks, complete with old mortared cut-stone fragments, sluices, foundations and other former structures in the bed of Mill Creek.
Another unique aspect of the park is a couple of forgotten, old railcars that were placed over Mill Creek with cranes. The flatcars serve as bridges to create a walking trail that connects the two city parks with LCRA’s new San Saba River Nature Park. LCRA gave the 1940s-1950s-era military flatcars new coats of paint and recycled the retired railcars for a use that can be appreciated by both visitors and residents in a community that’s rich with ties to the railroad.
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