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10 Septermber 2010 - after Tropical Storm Hermine rain.

All Leavenworth's Eryngo and White Prickly Poppy photographed at entrance to Mahomet Cemetery on FM 243.
Crab Spider on Leavenworth's EryngoWhie Prickly PoppyWhite Prickly PoppyLeavenworth's ErnygoBull NettleWild PetuniaFrost WeedRain LilyBlackfoot DaisyMustang GrapesSharp-pod Morning GloryGreenbriar & tendrilsGreenbriar & tendrils?Rain LilyBob Wahr, staples and cedarWahr, Bob Wahr, Staples 'n Cedar?Bull NettleLeavenworth's eryngo

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