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6 October 2011

My Misty Corner is composed of a dead peach tree with Cotton morning glories surrounding the trunk and lower limbs; a Cobra Mister; two Florsheim Comfortech (9B)walking shoes containing Blackoil sunflower seeds (the soles embedded with Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas dirt). Also there are two wire baskets with blocks of seeds and a single hummingbird feeder.

This $8.00 Cobra Mister has satisfied hundreds of birds and other stray critters during the summer drought while providing hours of entertainment and lots of shutter action for me. I believe the mister alone has attracted three species of birds to my backyard that I have not seen here in 13 years. (Baltimore oriole, Wilson's warbler, and Downy woodpecker)

The Praying mantis was found parked on the driveway two days ago. So far he has eaten a small butterfly (Skipper), a medium-sized American cockroach, a small cricket and a honeybee. When I run out of available food I'll have to transfer him from his 5 gallon terrarium to a small "critter carrier" with plenty of crickets on the menu.

For now, this is the only area of my entire yard (approx. 400 sq. ft.) which is ALIVE!!
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